Exodus - The Ultimate Revenge: Combat Tour Live - Complete Video

The complete Utlimate Revenge video from 1985 transferred from VHS to digital. 00:00 - Introduction 02:09 - Exodus - Piranha ...

Slayer, Exodus, Venom - Combat Tour 1985 (Ultimate Revenge For Disco)

02:09 Exodus - Piranha 06:30 Exodus - Gary Holt Guitar Solo 07:35 Slayer - Die By The Sword 11:23 Venom - Witching Hour ...

The Ultimate Revenge Combat Tour Live '85 Slayer Venom Exodus) x264 BEST QUALITY EVER[1]

Combat Tour Live , The Ultimate Revenge 1985 Slayer : Dave Lombardo Jeff Hanneman (R.I

Slayer - Combat Tour

Slayer - Combat Tour - The Ultimate Revenge Live at Studio 54 New York City/ NY - USA 03/ April/ 1985 01 - Die By The Sword ...

Forbidden - Through Eyes of Glass (Combat Tour 2 - The Ultimate Revenge 2)

Tremendo Forbidden, Thrash Metal directo a la vena con esta joyita Through Eyes of Glass grabado en el Combat Tour 2!

DEATH - LEFT TO DIE [HD] LIVE 1988 - Combat Tour II

On October 23, 1988, at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, "Death" Led by the late Chuck Schuldiner on vocals and lead ...

Ultimate Revenge Crowd Studio 54 Slayer Exodus Venom 1985

Slayer, Exodus and Venom crowd outside Studio 54 from the now classic Ultimate Revenge tape.

Dark Angel - The Burning of Sodom (Combat Tour 2/The Ultimate Revenge 2)

Dark Angel y su segundo temazo del Combat Tour 2 "The Burning of Sodom" al mismo tiempo del disco "Darkness Descends" del ...

Raven - Ultimate Revenge Video Oct 23 1988 Philadelphia Trocadero Theater - full show [VHS]

Law Down the Law The Burning of Sodom Death is Certain (Life is Not) No one Answers.

Exodus - Combat Tour

Exodus - Combat Tour - The Ultimate Revenge Live at Studio 54 New York City/ NY - USA 03/ April/ 1985 01 - Piranha 02 - Metal ...

Combat Records - Metal Mania (The Ultimate Revenge 040385)

Thanks to BlackLabelSlayer for uploading The Ultimate Revenge show from 4/3/85 with Venom, Slayer & Exodus live at Studio 54 ...

Venom - Ultimate Revenge 1985

Combat Tour 1985 - Venom - Interview.

Ultimate Revenge For Disco Combat Records Commercial 1985

Commercial for metal classics on the Combat Records label.

Ultimate revenge,combat tour,逃げろ!マイリフアナriffana

「逃げろ!リフアナ」 『GONE AWAY ! MY RIFFANA 』 Freeze my brain ,breath black tar Electrified illusion of sin, Smells the damned, ...

Slayer - The Antichrist/Hell Awaits

Slayer - The Antichrist/Hell Awaits (The Ultimate Revenge Combat Tour Live '85 (Slayer Venom Exodus))

Exodus - Live At Studio 54 (The Combat Tour 1985) [Full Show]

Legendary Exodus gig played on 03.04.1985 along with Venom and Slayer. I was thinking about mixing this audio with available ...